In Order To Keeping Your Tire

Tire is part of car that very important. Only a little any problem at tire, that thing can cause accident. Because of that, keep tire is very important. Besides as economy, keep tire well also keep driver safety, and passenger.

One thing that need kept in tire treatment. It is tire air pressure. Because that can influence balance and car stability. Besides that, posture of driver also influence car tite durable.

Driving in hight speed can improve tire temperature. warm that result of hight speed when driving will make tire quick warm. That things also will cause make tire faster worn-out and decrease power of tire.

When drive, to bend with hignt speed, can dangerous its driver, that things also can broke at tire condition. Because of that, when drive, suggested, to not many do acceleration. Also do suddenly branking, can make tire worn-out.

car driver, suggested to not drive at road side. Because, often car will not balance. Also if road condition wave or many hole, better avoid. Because, hole road will influence velg condition and cause broken. Also cause tire broken.

In Order to Your Car Brake function as Maximal

Althought not vital part that influence engine perform, car brake is important part for a car.

Imagine if car without brake, driver life can be stake. Not only any, car brake condition also must first-rate in order can function as maximal it's key, treatment.

Its ideal, brake need checked every car go through distance 10000 Km.

This to confirm its component still in perfect condition.

Besides that, take a part also need to clean dust stuck at part of canvas, teromol and cakram.

Dust potentially cause scratch at teromol.Brake hidrolik system according to roitine also need cleaned and done change.

This need done, at the least after car go through distance 40000 Km or might two years.

Its cause is higroskopis characteristic brake fluid that make it can react with air.

If not fluid will contain water steam.Besides cause steam that make corotion at brake component, also make brake not taking hold well, can alsobrake suddenly stuck if taken be repeated because air pressure in brake oil will up.

Change of fluid according to routine also will extend rubber seal old in brake system.

Culture suddenly brake must omitted except in emergency condition. Suddenly branking cause brake work load heavier.

Do branking in stages, followed persneling change to position lower to extend brake canvas old.Besides that, avoid also step on pedal when car stop at crossroad.

Because when that, teromol in hot condition, if pedal straight stepped on, warm that left can damage canvas that adhere.

The Right Oil For Your Car

Many Car Oil that revolve at market force consumer to smart in choose the best car oil to their car.

But, if you careful actually only two things that need observed careful that is oil quality clasification(API Service) and thick of oil level(SAE)Engine oil clasification for gasoline engine signed character 's' while for diesel engine signed character 'c'.

Clasification appropriate with oil capacity level begun from the lowest is SA, SB, SC, SD, SE SF, SG, SH, SJ, and SL(for gasoline engine) and CA, CB, CC, CD, CE, CF-4, CH-4, CI-4)for diesel engine).

Motor oil that fill quality standart signed with word verification "API Service" followed with its clasification.

Motor oil with API Service SL better its activity capacity than SJ.

Oil with API Service SJ better than API Service SH, such henceforth that's also for diesel engine.

Oil with API Service CH-4 better its activity capacity than Oil API Service CF-4.

From engine maker, every car already definited what specification that must used, which writed in manual book.

Using oil that its specification higher than definited from engine maker that is no problem.

But very not suggested to use oil with clasification lower than that definoted because will have bad consequence for engineTo reduce rubbing and wearing out, needed "coating" beetwen two surface that move to prever direct contact metal with metal.

That Oil surface needed with minimum thickness. Oil surface thickness suspended at thick.

Thick is characteristic which very important from motor oil.