Care Your Accumulator

Althought not be vital part in influence engine work system, accumulator also need kept its work system. The reason, this part have shares in car electric operation.
Accumulator as result central and distribution car electric influence part of work like as car light. If when your car light disturb and that's time when drive at night. Absolutely very disturb you. Because that, before rice to be porridge, i suggest to care your accumulator before late.
Accumulator treatment better do quickly when any free time. Not only that, control as thing that also must to this part. Acid power that not control can dangerous. So, need looked since now damaged symptom at accumulator. Actually accumulator treatment need special equipment. If not have equipment in control and care accumulator, better you carry at car shop that have this facilities. But, if you have the equipment, better look this tips to add knowledge.
First tool that used is hidrometer. This tool to detect acid power and sort heavy accumulator water, where hidrometer elipse have three colour that each have meaning.
First is green. This colour sign acid power and sort heavy accumulator very light. This thing cause electric that sent to accumulator can't saved in long time. Next colour is white that sign accumulator water in good condition. This colour meaning charge system work normal. Last is red. Meaning, work of alternator and regulator very many send electric that cause overcharge in accumulator