How to Select a Stereo System For Your Car

In the world of modern competitive market sometimes it becomes difficult to choose a stereo system for a car. Currently one can find a wide variety of stereo systems in the market, each having its particular features and peculiarities. To get the right kind of stereo for a car it is important to know the different types of stereo systems.

The basic components of a car stereo are decks, amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers. A basic knowledge of these parts will enable the buyer choose a car stereo without the help of anybody.

Let us talk about the decks first since a stereo system cannot work without a deck. It consists of various pieces of equipment that range from cassette decks and CD players to MP3 players. Actually the deck is a kind of adhesive that helps in holding the car stereo all together. The deck manages the output of the sound and also helps to control the music that is being played. Every car stereo has decks that have a four channel output for speakers.

Amplifiers are used to give more power packed performance than what the speakers do. For blasting music, amplifiers are of utmost importance. The loudness of the sound system is dependent on the power of the amplifier. An amplifier can have a maximum of seven channels. But the number of channels in an amplifier is dependent on the number of speakers hooked up in a series of circuits.

Speakers are those components from where sounds are produced. In order to get a range of frequencies varieties of speakers are designed. The efficiency of the speakers decides the distance the sound travels.

Sub woofers are high tech components of the car stereo that are of recent origin. Through bass, the sub woofers help in providing high efficiency for low frequencies. If the user wants his car to vibrate then sub woofers are a must. To get the expected performance a subwoofer is to be put either in a box or in the trunk of the car.

It is imperative not to hurry with the selection of the car stereo. Browsing through the various car audio magazines will give some ideas about the products available in the market. While going through the features, it is also important to jot down whether the car will support the preferred stereo or not. Consulting a sales person related to the prioritized list will help one to decide on whether the speaker is right or not.

Listening to each player will help one to get the right kind of stereo system for his car. In addition, it is advisable to choose the kind of stereo system which is both user friendly and easy to operate.

After the purchase of the stereo system, it is better to check the packing box that should include a carrying case, main plugs, information about the owner and an installation manual.

If the base unit is for radio and cassette, then it is better to ensure whether it is compatible to a CD changer.

By Victor Epand