Hydrogen Gas Saver - Scam Or Gas Engine Fuel Saver?

I'm so tired of reading about Water For Gas, Brown's Gas, Water Fuel, Run Your Car on Water...I could just throw up!

There are thousands of people on the internet trying to sell you books and plans that convert your car to save gas and I'll wager that not one of them has ever built the 'super gas saver' they describe! They have no idea if it works, they just want to re-sell that book/plan/scam to make a buck off of you! And then they try to convince you that Big Oil and the Auto Manufacturers are screwing you...

So where do I get off telling you this? I was an engineer for ten years, ran an auto shop for seven, and I've built one of these devices.

Here we have a scientifically proven technology that's been around for over 90 years and works, and they try to make it sound like some miracle cure-all for all your needs for a gas engine fuel saver.

You've been convinced, or at least expected to believe that adding a Hydrogen Gas Saver, or more accurately a device that produces diatomic Hydrogen and diatomic Oxygen, to your vehicle will...

* Save you from 50-70% on your fuel mileage 
* Create some 'miracle' gas combination that defies the laws of hydrodynamics 
* Put Oxygen back into the air 
* Easily constructed by someone with no mechanical apptitude 
* There's a conspiracy between Big Oil, the Government, and Auto Manufacturers to stop the use of these devices 
* Save you thousands of dollars on fuel

The Bad News: All but one of the statements above is false or grossly exaggerated. Which one is it?

The Good News: A properly constructed and installed Hydrogen/Oxygen gas generator can be safe, economical, and provide a realistic 20% increase in gas mileage. If you drive 12,000 miles a year you CAN expect to save hundreds of dollars.

Please don't let the marketing hype put you off from looking into ways to improve gas mileage. Even without the BS, it is possible to construct supplemental hydrogen fuel systems safely and at a low cost. There are gas generators that are being built without any hocus pocus that work!

By Stephen Marsh